Gosh Rosie,

They are stunning! Thank you so much! You have captured the day, the light, the setting and the atmosphere so perfectly! Thank you so so much. I love all of the photos and the lovely arty photos where you have managed to see something that no one else could, like a piece of art. This must have taken a lot of time to do and thank you so much for making them perfect. I hope that mum and you can work together in the future one day with the prospect of holding weddings at Benallack.  We will be sure to put your name clearly and evidently everywhere! I keep looking back and admiring how you have managed to capture the relationship between people with perfect timing. They are all so gorgeous. I can’t thank you enough actually! Thank you for being everywhere at once and capturing so many different angles silently and effortlessly. Thank you! (I’m not drunk by the way! Just so happy!) THANK you!!

Su-yin and Will








Thank you so much-we LOVE them. You are so talented, the backgrounds and moments you’ve captured are just stunning.
So glad you’re taking our wedding photos.

Catherine and Lee











Booking the photographer for our wedding was the one job that I was most worried about. We wanted someone that would truly capture all the special moments of our day. I needn’t have worried!

From our first meeting with Rosie, it was instantly clear to us that she was the person for us. Her relaxed and professional manner and portfolio of past work assured us she would fit perfectly into our day. Rosie took the time to meet us at our location to discuss our ideas and suss out best photo opportunities. Her creative eye saw more than we ever would have done.

The day finally arrived! From the moment Rosie arrived at the house, she started clicking, capturing those little moments that could have easily been missed otherwise. Throughout the whole day she caught secret moments and natural shots that summed up the guests and our day. Many of our guests commented on the fact that Rosie was everywhere, but always inconspicuous. The only give away of her presence was the gentle click that could frequently be heard. Every important event was caught- not matter how small.

Having all the photos on CD’s was perfect. It meant that we didn’t have to worry about not having images to remember everything that happened and it was a great way for all of our family to afford the images they wanted. A real bonus that nobody else offered as part of their package. Finally, the photo book. WOW! Rosie’s creative and imaginative approach to photographing our day helped to create a mesmerising and spine-tingling keepsake that we will treasure always!

No words that I can write can wholly sum up our appreciation for all the work that went into documenting our special day.

Stacey and Scott Liddicoat


We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for our superb wedding photos. We are so, so pleased with them and they have by far surpassed our expectations.

It was so kind of you to give us copies of all the photos you had taken. We can’t believe we have over 180 edited pictures and over 2000 unedited pictures on disc, to print out as we please. This is brilliant for us as when we showed our families the pictures, so many of them wanted copies, which is now very inexpensive for us to do.

When our best friends got married their photographer cost them far more than you cost us and they only got to pick 20 pictures out of the ones he had taken. Any extra picture that they wanted on top of that would’ve cost then £25 each, which they couldn’t afford to do. He also took a year to give them their photos, so we were so surprised when you had ours ready in a matter of weeks. This was really important to us as everyone was on our case asking us when they would see the pictures.

It was so wonderful to relive all our happy memories via print, while our special day was still so fresh in our minds. Everyone we have shown the photos to have been blown away by the way you have captured the day, so once again, thank you very much. We know you put so much hard work in to editing them to get them ready so quickly. We will be recommending you to everyone!

Best Wishes,
Nic & Jean