your wedding day

Hi, I have put this post together to try to help you understand more about your wedding photography on your special day.

‘Bride Getting Ready’

I start from the beginning when I arrive at your venue with the ‘bride getting ready’ photographs. As soon as I arrive at your venue I am ready to start clicking and collecting all of your cherished memories as the morning unfolds. I simply let you get on with enjoying the time spent with your family and friends getting ready and sharing laughter filled moments. I am there to capture everything that goes on unobtrusively and affectionately. Creating beautiful images that really do showcase the start of your day.

I don’t let anything go un-noticed, creating stunning images of all of your lovely details and keep track of the events that make your wedding unique to you.

‘The Ceremony’ 

After all of the fun of the morning we make our way to the ceremony.

During the ceremony I let the proceedings continue and document everything as it all happens. I create a variety of images to capture all of your most intimate moments subtly and quietly, allowing you to just be with each other.

After your ceremony… this is the time that I get to photograph you with your family and friends. I use this time to take the group photographs you want and then whisk you both away to get some great shots of just the two of you. This time is great as it gives you both a chance to get some alone time together and take it all in.

The images taken at this time reflect the quiet and whispered exchanges between you both, showing a real contented excitement and togetherness all set around your beautiful venue.

‘The ‘Couples’ shoot’

‘The Reception’

Having had some lovely time alone to get some gorgeous photos, we move on to the part of the day when the speeches are made and you and your guests get to sit and relax and chat to each other and enjoy some great food.

I photograph the speeches and capture moments of laughter and memories as loved ones reminisce about happy times and you remember all the adventures that have passed.

Whether you choose to have your speeches before or after you eat, everything is captured as and when it unfolds to be looked back on time and time again. And if you are planning a completely different day from the usual format, it doesn’t matter. Whatever is going on I am there to subtly be a part of your day, quietly going around observing things from my perspective in a creative and artistic way, always looking out for the perfect way to get the best shot.

We are well on our way into evening now. This leaves only your first dance to photograph. Having been shooting all day and photographing every aspect of your wedding day, it is always nice to see the finale and know that the images taken during the first dance will finish the romanic story perfectly. I start to get a clear image of the overall day through pictures; a story told with imagery that simply doesn’t need words to be expressed.

‘The First Dance’

Once I have all your images in front of me I can start to select the best ones. I use all of the latest software, Aperture and Photoshop, to really get the best out of your images. I can see all of your images from the day and make a selection that really tells the story from start to finish.

I individually edit each picture, paying careful attention to detail to make sure your images look elegant and polished. All of your edited images are put on your own private online gallery to share with your family and friends, and you receive copies of all edited high resolution and unedited high resolution photographs from the day on CD.