Stunning styled shoot in Wed Magazine Cornwall issue 35.

feature STYLING

Steal away to a Cornish garden for a wedding brimming with wild flowers, natural textures and lovingly handmade details.


Styling Rosie Windsor and Kirsty Andrews

Photography Rosie Windsor

Flowers Kirsty Andrews

Dress The Bridal House of Cornwall

Hair Capella

Make-up Julie Wiz

Stationary Faithful Designs

Model Molly Walsh

Location Benallack Barn


Feature DIY

ROLL YOUR OWN CANDLES  handmade with love

These covetable candles double as fragrant favours and rustic-chic table settings. Fill your wedding day with the sweet smell of beeswax with these beautiful candles. They burn cleanly, without dripping, smoke or soot. They’re simple to make and if you keep a supply of wick string and beeswax sheets at home, you’ll always have a last minute present to hand: just tie a few candles in a piece of ribbon.

Making Notes:

Tips  These sheets come in packs of five or ten depending on the seller. Store the wax sheets out of direct sunlight as otherwise they will start to fade in colour. 20 sheets makes roughly 20 candles, I cut the sheets in half length ways and width ways to make different sized candles for variation.

Resources  It is very easy to track down a local beekeeper group or supplier. Google is the first place to go. All good beekeeping groups and organisations will be able to put you in touch with beekeeping suppliers. Visit for wax sheets.

You Will Need:

1-20 sheets of B S Shallow Unwired (This is a sheet of re-moulded beeswax with raised hexagonal pattern on it to help the bees build up their honeycombs. It has a warm waxy smell and rich golden colour).

Wick string

A knife

A rolling out board (a smooth chopping board will work just fine)


Step-by-step guide:

1. Cut the sheet of B S Shallow Unwired in half. Set aside one half. With the other, lay out your wick string against the width of the sheet. Allow half an inch to stick out as this is the bit you will be lighting.

2. Gently fold the edges over to tuck in the wick and start to roll the was away from you. I roll mine quite tightly as this allows the it to burn well and continuously. Use the second half of the sheet for the same candle to make it thicker, by simply lining up the two edges with a slight overlap, and continue to roll tightly.

3. Pop the candle into a glamorous candlestick holder and enjoy the ambient light and sweet smell. You can also bind a few candles together with a piece of your favourite fabric or ribbon to give as a perfect gift.